Side Trip : Sampaloc Lake at San Pablo City, Laguna

It was passed 4:00 in the afternoon when we got the chance to visit one of the seven lakes in San Pablo City, Laguna.  I am first able to see about these lakes in a local travel show, from then, there was an urge for me to visit these lakes since San Pablo City is just about an hour and a half away from Manila.  After a fun filled day at the Coconut Festival and the day is still young, we had a side trip and took a tricycle from San Pablo City’s town proper and asked the “manong” driver to take us to Sampaloc Lake.  The weather was a bit crazy when we got there, though it was a hot day, light rain drizzles from time to time.

Sight at the view deck

Andres Bonifacio’s statue

From the view deck, we made our way down to the lake and we were greeted by this giant Tilapia 🙂  It was the time of the day when everyone was strolling at the park.

There are bikes that can be rented for only 15.00 pesos , there are also a lot of “ihaw-ihaw” vendors around the place.  Bu t if you are looking for a more relaxed type of dining, try ClydeNJosh Grill and Restaurant.  The place is just right in front of the lake, a view just perfect while having a sumptuous grilled dishes.

Sampaloc Lake being one of the seven lakes of San Pablo City is the largest and nearly half of the lake’s depth has a shallow depression at the lake’s bottom, indicating its volcanic origin.


Look at nature’s work.  There’s still sunshine but at the same time bit of rain and wohlaa! The rainbow sneaked 🙂

This place is perfect for picnic and get together.  Everyone can enjoy the scenic view and the feeling is just great being one with nature.  The park is open to public and looking for sometihng to eat is not a problem.

Spotted these cute dogs while strolling at the park, soooo cute! 🙂

Feed your mind and soul, be one with nature!

Six other lakes that I hope to visit soon :

  • Lake Bunot
  • Lake Calibato
  • Lake Pandin
  • Lake Yambo
  • Lake Palakpakin
  • Lake Mohicap


All seven lakes can be viewed from at least two mountains in the area. From Mt. Kalisungan, the direction is S; from Tayak Hill it is NW. You can also see the lakes in Mt. Banahaw (W); theoretically you can also see them from Mt. Cristobal (NW) although viewdecks are scarce.

  • I did mention that prior our visit to Sampaloc Lake, we had a blast experiencing the Coconut Festival.  Want to know more about it? (in case you haven’t read my post yet)

click here —–>            


2 responses to “Side Trip : Sampaloc Lake at San Pablo City, Laguna

  1. Was hoping to visit this summer, but didn’t have the chance (summer ain’t over yet but we’ll be gone soon). Thanks to your post, it kept that interest aglow and I’m listing this as one of the top sites for my family to see when we get back!

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