Bilar Man-Made Forest – Bohol,Philippines

It’s my second time in Bohol but with no doubt , Bilar Man-Made Forest still amazes me.  It is a 2 kilometer stretch of a man-made mahogany forest located on the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.  It was about past  four in the afternoon when we drove under the canopy of this beautiful forest and so we asked our driver to pull over for a moment.

Bilar Man-Made Forest

Anyone who would pass by this road would stop because the trees are really just so stunning!  By the way, it’s along the highway, so for you camwhores out there be careful on taking pictures, vehicles passing through can be very fast.


Who would not stop and take the opportunity to be one with these uniformly grown species of trees!  They all look to be of the same height. This forest really stands out!  It’s a beautiful backdrop for your pictures 🙂

Upon entering the forest, one will feel a sudden change in temperature, refreshing cool breeze under the overhanging trees.  The forest plays as a host to the foreign and local visitors who are heading the town of Carmen where the famous Chocolate Hills can be found.

The forest is so beautiful that it was hard for me to imagine that this was not made by nature.  The quiet atmosphere can be creepy at times but when traces of sunlight break through the canopy, the feeling is just magical!  I admire the hands that planted it.  Here’s a trivia, the 2 kilometer forest was planted as part of a reforestation project started more than 50 years ago, to replace trees lost from widespread kaingin in Bohol.  Fifty years ago? Yes, you read it right 🙂

The forest is 20 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, if you are going to see the Chocolate Hills, you will not miss this dense collection of trees from all sides.   You will just feel and know when you’re there. 🙂


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