Walking the Town Proper of Palapag, Northern Samar

The town of Palapag is the most simple town I’ve visited so far.  Passing by the streets of the town proper made me feel that I’m really far away from the busy life of the city.  Most of the people here are in simple and in quiet living.

Walking around the town proper you would see the ruins of the historic old church that was built in the 17th century by Palapagnons and under the direction of Jesuit missionaries.  This is where Spanish friars were slained by Sumoroy which set off the Sumoroy Revolt.  By the way, Sumuroy is referred to by many as the Waray hero of the Palapag rebellion during the Spanish time around 1649 to 1650.

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Just beside the ruins of the old church is the Our Lady of Assumption Church, today this is where most of the masses are held for the Palapaganons.


The people of Palapag reflect how they were influenced by the Catholicism brought by the Spaniards, it shows in their everyday living.

Just across the church is the Palapag Public Market.  Only most of the dry goods are sold here, and the wet market is located 4 kms away from the public market.


Every town has its own plaza and in Palapag this is where Sumuroy’s Monument was built.  As what I have mentioned before, Agustin Sumuroy is considered by Warays as their hero.  He led the rebellion against the Spaniards in order to defend the rights of the native people against foreign abuse and slavery.   And so, this led to Sumuroy Revolt that spread like wildfire to the neighboring provinces and regions at that time.  This further gave inspiration to the Katipuneros. People of Palapag are fortunate for having a homegrown hero in their town.

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Within the town proper, you’ll also get the chance to visit their gymnasium, police head quarters, health center, people’s center complex and a couple of primary and secondary schools.

It’s a personal connection for me whenever I get the chance to visit every province’s town proper.  For me it is where you’ll see how far they have gone but still keep and value their roots.  I may not know personally the people of Palapag but for me I see them as a simple type of persons who continually strive hard in making their place abreast with the other towns around Northern Samar.  It makes me feel happy and privileged that I get to see and experience even just for a short period of time how others enjoy the simple way of living.

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  1. more thanks miss Sunshine for sharing our native land on this web site of your.. we glad to see you again in the future to spare your time again with us. mmmwaaaaaah! *O*

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