The Friendly Locals of Calaguas Island

with the locals of Calguas Island

With the nice and friendly locals of Calaguas 🙂 thanks to them! Ate Ana, was so concerned that before we left the island she warned us about the poisonous “pagi” near the shore, she told us to be careful because we had to walk meters away from the shore to get to our boat. It was already low tide on our way back, the reason why koy had to give me a piggyback ride going to our boat 🙂 I was so afraid with what Ate Ana said about the pagi.


Going back , we still had to walk through the barrio, our boat is waiting there and we never thought the sea could be stronger than what we expected.  Spent almost 3 hrs in the sea which is supposed to be a 1 hr boat ride. The big waves were literally playing on us at that time, I almost thought of the worst thing that could happen to us. Thank God, we have kuya Yani! We know it was a struggle for him just to get out of the sea.

Calaguas trip was such an adventure! It was an incredible experience, no matter how bad the circumstances are, you just have to enjoy every moment. Along the way you’ll meet nice people , people who’ll make you feel you are always welcome.

Playing with Pacific Ocean was fun despite the fear on how strong it could get. 🙂 Expect the unexpected! Live for the moment, enjoy the ride,play with the waves! 🙂

Calaguas Island has a nice and very friendly locals, a beautiful island, hope we keep that place unspoiled.

I’d like to share with you a clip on how we battled the waves of the Pacific Ocean


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