Rakit Dakit at Palapag, Northern Samar

I’d like to share with you one of my trips in Northern Samar.  When I heard that we will be visiting some relatives in Samar, I wanted to take the opportunity to go to Biri Island.  I was so excited and can’t wait to see it, I’ve read and watched so many reviews about the place and I am so enthusiastic of experiencing it myself.  The trip to Samar by bus,ferry,motor boat, pedicab,tricycle,habal habal (a local motorcycle ride) is really not that easy considering you have to travel overnight to get to Northern part of Samar.  We had a pit stop at Allen before heading to Palapag.  This time, I know how close I am to Biri, about 1-2 hours away from Allen.  The weather wasn’t that good but I wanted to pursue.  With everyone else telling me not to go, I’d have to accept that it’s really not possible to go through.

Having been disappointed, I was asking if we could stop over again in Allen, before going back to Manila.  Until we arrived in Palapag, I was thinking how could I have the chance to go to Biri.  I was so happy when a relative of mine told me that there is also a place in Palapag that  is more like Biri, it was like music to my ears!  One of the reasons why I wanted to go to Samar is because of  Biri, but when someone told me that there is also a place close to it, somehow I didn’t felt that my trip was wasted.  As soon as they told me this, I asked when could we go, and again I just got excited!

Palapag is just a small municipality in the province of Northern Samar located in the northernmost part of Samar Island.  I’ll share with you some of the places I’ve visited in my next post.  The day came and we are about to see the place.  Getting around the town  you may opt to ride a habal-habal, tricycle or bicycle.  We rented a habal-habal for 150 pesos and the ride took us about 30 minutes from the town proper.  Riding a habal-habal was a breeze, I enjoyed the scenic view, the air and the experience!  Along the way, you’ll see the beautiful green fields, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the locals who have friendly smiles and other random things along the way.

I kept on asking our driver if we are already near, and he keep on saying “malapit na po” on my fourth time asking him, finally we reached Rakit Dakit!  From the time I was told that the place looks like Biri, I already have this in mind that it may really not be like Biri Island but at least it was a relief for me that I’d still be able to go to a place which they claim like Biri.  I’m really not sure if I spelled the place right, maybe it’s Raquit Daquit but whatever it is I am naming it Rakit Dakit.  I think the place is famous among the locals and I must say it is not like Biri which is quite popular already.  There was a parking fee and like two or three kubo houses but there was no one there when we arrived.

We didn’t know where to pay and so we just went straight to the shore and wow! I did not really expect much but I was amazed how beautiful the place is!  I could not control my eyes on where to look at, I am seeing wonderful rock formations and freak waves crashing on to the rocks!

The view was just so amazing and I thought we would just stop there, the drivers of the habal-habal said that we can go up on the huge rock and I was like, how was that possible?  The big waves were just scary! Having said that I still found myself following them.

I was so scared that we might get hit by the big waves and the rocks could just cause cuts.  Climbing up was really quite an adventure because some rocks were wet.

After that climb, the view behind the huge rock was more amazing!  Crashing huge waves of the Pacific was like welcoming me, saying I must not be disappointed not being able to go to Biri.  It was mixed feelings standing on such a great view.

I did not expect much about this place but it did left me a different kind of feeling and sight that I will never forget.  Rakit Dakit is something the locals of Palapag must be proud of, it has something to offer.  For me the place is just so natural, it is a real beauty.  There are a lot of beautiful places in Samar that are yet not so popular and I am happy I was able to visit some of these places.  I may not be able to go to Biri Island yet but I am still proud to say that visiting Rakit Dakit was one of the highlights on my Samar Trip!

Click here for more photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/dazzledsunshine/sets/72157632103679732/


5 responses to “Rakit Dakit at Palapag, Northern Samar

  1. Awesome place! Id like to go there before all the rocks tumbles to the sea. It’s time people discover the beauty of Samar — the forgotten land. It’s time for Samar. Northern, Eastern,Western. Let’s rally this land.

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  3. Very much applauded.. so much thanks for visiting our humble secretive beautiful places yet to discovered by giant media networks in the days to come, this Rakitdakit rock is just a one of more majestic rock forms clustering from the eastern most of the Palapag country side region that you would probably “unexpect” the hidden expectations regarding our prized enchanting/breathtaking rock formations have to offer. I invite you miss dazzling sunshine (the admin) to our Facebook accounts( Palapag Northern Samar, Palapag Northern Samar II, Samar Paradise Profiles) or You Tube account (northern Samar) and get in touch with us.

    Aton iroy nga tuna, aton probinsya, aton bungto! (*-*)

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