The Reason why I keep on Loving Binondo!

BINONDO, is my favorite place in Manila!  You’ll see lot of stories there, from people, culture and of course FOOD!  After a visit to the National Museum and filled our brains with lots of information, our stomach gone wild which means we must opt for something really worth eating.  So the first thing that popped into our minds is, Binondo..Yes! and we’re crazy about trying all the authentic Chinese Restaurants there.  This time we tried Wai Ying Fastfood.  It is located in Benavides St., they have a dine-in store and just few steps away is the take-out store.  They have been around for a decade and I don’t know why, only now that we were able to try this resto.  I once passed by the store but didn’t had the opportunity to eat there and maybe, now is the perfect time because I’m with my favorite food tripping buddy, my honeykoy!

Upon entering the store, you’d see ducks and chickens being roasted in the window and you can actually see them preparing the food, it’s like an open kitchen in which chinese restos are famous of.  The place is a two-storey building and I must say that it is not your typical relaxing dine in type of resto.  I bet, this place is always filled that is why we headed upstairs and luckily there are still more seats.

Anyway, as soon as the server handed the menu to us, koy already knew what he is going to order.  He wanted a Roasted Duck so he ordered for Roasted Duck/Asado Rice at 190 pesos and I ordered Soy Chicken Rice, but unfortunately it’s not available so I settled for White Chicken Rice instead, at 120 pesos.  But not only that we also tried their dimsum, we had pork siomai (served in 4 pcs) at 60 pesos and kuchai (served in 3pcs) at 50 pesos.  For drinks, we tried their HK Milk Tea at 50 pesos and koy said that the tea is way better than the Thai Milk Tea that we usually order in Thai restos.


Wai Ying Pork Siomai at 60 pesos


Wai Ying Kuchai at 50 pesos


Wai Ying Roasted Duck/Asado Rice at 190 pesos

Wai Ying White Chicken Rice at 120 pesos

We we’ll definitely go back at Wai Ying, in a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest I’ll give them 9 🙂 .  We just so love the food, authentic it is!  and it’s affordable too!

This is why I so love Binondo, I am always delighted whenever I try eating on their restaurants.  China Town indeed!


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