Best Things in Life are Free!

Life and love are just some that we enjoy for free and needless to say they are the best!

It’s something that I could compare with learning.  Koy and I went to the National Museum today and guess what? Free admission for the whole month of October!  I’m not really fond of going to museums, in fact the last time I went to a real museum was when I was in elementary…I guess.  See, I can’t even remember.  I think it was my first time in the National Museum, I never expected it would be that interesting.  Sometimes we should really try looking back into our roots, its where we’ll learn why we came up to be Filipinos like this.  Most of us just pass by this museum and have not even tried to drop by, I and Koy are very much guilty about that.  We’ve spent our whole college years studying in Manila and not even for a single moment have visited the place.  Funny how most of the students today spend on material things as they define these valuable to them but they don’t realize that they don’t have to spend on something really valuable like the learning they could gain in visiting our own museums.

On my opinion, the happiest people are still those who are able to gain new learning and ideas because these does not expire!

Do visit National Museum’s Website and after that visit the place itself!


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