SAMAR TRIP : Riding a “RORO”

Hmmm…where did actually the word “roro” came from??? All I know was, those are the ferries that not only transport passengers but also big buses and other land transportations from one place to another, but what does the word literally means? Well RORO is an acronym for roll on – roll off , meaning that you self drive your vehicle on and off the ferry – usually up a ramp at the stern or back of the boat.


Yes!those big buses are being transported from one port to another.  The first roro ride I had was when I was only 9 years old and all the memories of riding this ferry all went back when we had a visit to my lola’s province in Samar- which by the way,a very nice place!
Back then,I was so amazed on how the ferry could carry all those big transformers!  I was afraid the ferry might sink in the middle of the sea.


From an almost 13 hours trip from Manila,finally! we were able to reach Matnog Port.  The ferry would take us to Allen Port,our first stop in Samar.  It was about 1 and a half hour roro ride from Matnog.

Aside from the ferry carrying all the big buses from Manila,another thing that amazed me on this ride were the kids and teens who are great divers!   Yes! you heard me right, these are the kids who jump off from the top of the ferry to get all the coins that the passengers throw in to them.


I don’t know if they do this for a hobby, but obviously it’s more than that!  These kids ask for money.  Oh well, some of them grew up doing this.

My experience with roro ride was fun specially if you get to travel during the day, my lola even told me that there were times when dolphins can be seen almost close to the ferry.  I wonder where they were when we had the trip. Anyway, there’s more to tell on our Samar Trip!


3 responses to “SAMAR TRIP : Riding a “RORO”

  1. I once saw a group of dolphins shadowing our ferry on a roro trip to Iloilo. I was pretty amazed because they look so sleek as they jump out of the water.

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